mint your experience

what is h00kd?

h00kd adds the metaverse spice into your life experiences by minting your memory into a Proof of Attendance Protocol NFT

With h00kd your networking is flawless!
By providing & securing a way to verify event attendance, h00kd grants you a unique digital scarcity, on-chain, forever.

Attending your favorite event

Getting h00ked

Enjoy perks and rewards

Happily reminiscing on all the best moments

Maybe even trading some

how it works?

h00kd gamifies your event experience, creating a bond between issuers and collectors, and binding your memories into an NFT collection that issuers can use to reward you with numerous VIP benefits

Own your experiences, and show everyone what makes your life unique!

you h00kd?

What did you get h00kd on?

get your project h00kd


Prepare for the h00kd launch event filled with games and an exclusive NFT collection!

Join us at the launch and get your project h00ked!

frequently asked questions

  • Can I use h00kd for my event?

    You guessed right! You can use h00kd to issue Proof of Attendance Protocols to incentivize your audience to participate in your event. H00ks can be programmed to be transformed to whatever perk you want to offer your audience.

  • How do I get my h00kd?

    H00ks can either be accessed through our h00ks collection on the platform (** add link when ready**) or provided by event organizers, streamers, and other h00ks issuers via link or QR code. Claim your first h00k now!
  • How do I check my h00ks?

    You can easily check all your h00ks through our dashboard.
  • I'm not in the blockchain industry, can I use h00kd?

    H00ks are eternalizing memories for everyone, everywhere, and in every industry. They are in no way restricted to the blockchain community or industry.
  • Can I set more than one h00kd for my users?

    There is no limit on the number of h00ks issuers can provide to their users. You can also provide different h00ks for one event, creating level and gamification.
  • Are h00ks used just for physical events?

    No, h00ks can be issued and used for both physical and virtual events, for a number of audiences such as streamers or influencers trying to engage their audiences.
  • Can h00kd get me more clients?

    Certainly, h00ks increase customer engagement and provide them with a reason to visit your store, attend your event, or participate in any of your initiatives.
  • Can I sell or trade my h00ks?

    Absolutely, your h00ks are your property and you can use them as you please. H00ks are NFTs and can be sold, traded or stored on the blockchain.